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Companies are coming out of the woodwork saying that they manufacture now. But are all products the same? Is it true that more expensive means better? How can you tell the difference? What type of product is right for your needs?

Wood/ Faux Bilnds

Faux Construction
Fauxwood Blinds are constructed from solid faux, not foam, not vinyl. 

Wood Construction
Wood Blinds are constructed from a strong resilient wood that is an excellent insulator, thus reducing energy costs.

Paint, Stain or Sandblasted Finishes
Choose from three finishes to complete the look of your decorating project. 2 1/2" blinds are available in paint and stain finishes.

Double Pass Finishing
Slat ends are finished with a double-pass painting process that gives the blind a quality, furniture-like finish.

Solid Wood Trapezoid or Rrectangular Bottomrail
Complements the blind and allows for tighter closure of the blind. No hollow rails used.

All metal headrails, no plastic, metal rods, quality cord locks, thick cords. All components have been tested and used succesfully for many yrs.

Valance/ Clips
We provide FREE Deluxe crown molding look valance. Valance attaches to the headrail with HEAVY DUTY clips that can be invisible upon request.

Cord Ladder/ Cloth Tape/ pull cords
Blinds are equipped with standard HEAVY guage cord ladders & pull cords or enhanced with cloth tapes that can add something special to any room decor.  Wands only upon request.

Crash-Proof Cord Lock
The blind cord is released when opening or closing the blind, allowing the crash-proof cord lock to prevent the blind from crashing onto the sill. Reduces drop back for a tighter stack.

Each string will have its own tassel for child safety. Special child safety free retroit kit available upon request.


Custom blind means proper ladder spacing

Cutom Blinds will come with correct # of ladders, stock store boughts will not have proper ladder spacing which blind WILL sage down the road.


Plantation Shutters Construction: