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Q. What are Vertical Blinds?                                                 

Vertical blinds, also called lamellae, are a combination of blind and curtain. They combine the functionality of a flexible light control due to variably movable vertical blinds and provide various protective features joined with a convenient character, achieved by the textile character of the blinds, which meet the different demands towards architectonic as well as decorative design. 

Q. Why Vertical Blind?

vertical blinds are less likely to collect dust due to the fact that they stand vertically. Since they draw to the side versus lifting and lowering they operate better on doors and windows that also slide from side to side. Generally they require less muscle strength, and are faster to operate. Vertical blinds are available in flat plastic (PVC), fabric, embossed pvc, faux wood materials, metal, wood and also s-curved slats.

Q. Benefits in Vertical Binds?

The special characteristic and big benefit of vertical blinds, however, lies in its capability to direct light into different directions and dose it at the same time. Even the slightest turn can brighten or darken the mood within a room or cover particular areas in shadow and others in sunlight. A desirable side-effect is the feature that the view to the outside or from the outside in can be changed as pleased. Verticals can be used to cover very large windows and doors upto 192 inches wide.

Q. Inside or outside mount?

Inside-mounted blinds are installed within the window and require 2 inch depth, vanes will not be flush when closed. Or need 3.75 for a flush inside mount. Inside-mounted vertical blinds won't work on standard doors.

Outside-mounted blinds are installed to cover the window frame or attach to the wall. Outside mounts require a sturdy wall surface or trim for attachment, which makes it the ideal installation method for standard doors.