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Q- What are Plantation Shutters?               

Q- What happens if paint on a louver gets messed up ? 


Q- How much do Plantation Shutters Cost? 

Q- Which Louver Size is for Me? 

Q- How many panels do I need in my opening?

Q- Will my crank handles interfere with the shutters?

Q- Can I fold shutters against the wall daily?

Q- How do I determine if I need a frame?

Q- Does Wood Warp and Chip Easily?

Q- Can I Install the Shutters Myself?

Q- What about Maintenance?

Q- What is a Divider Rail?

Q- If I want painted shutters, what colors are available?

Q- What if I have Pella type or "pop out" windows?

Q- Can shutters included in my mortgage?

Q- Do you offer custom cutouts, arches, sunbursts, or  geometric designs?

Q- Do you mount the shutter on the inside or outside of the window casing, and how are the frames secured to the window?