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Q. What are Sheer Horizontals?               
Also called Silhouette, which are exclusively made by Hunter Douglas and cost as much as Plantation Shutters. An affordable aternative is a unit that looks very similar made by Vista or Timber Blinds. Comparable to the Silhouette, sheer horizontal blinds feature two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes. 

Q. What  types are rooms are Sheer Horizontals good for?
These shades are the perfect complement to a living room, or any other formal style room where you don't require the sun to be completely blocked out. If you are looking for the perfect style shade to provide privacy with drapes or curtains that accent your window rather than cover your window, this sheer shade is the ideal product. 2" Sheer Room Darkening Shades are ideal for a bedroom or media room where maximum sun blockage is desired.

Q. What type of headrails do they come with?
The no additional cost, 3.5” Cassette deluxe headrail, which is bigger than the standard. This is a colour coordinated headrail that covers the “rolled up” fabric at the top. Optionally, is the fabric-inserted cassette, the headrail is the exact same, except the colour coordinated headrail is now fabric matched with the product itself. This creates a very uniform look, where the shade looks the exact same from top to bottom.

Q. Why Room darkening Sheer Horizontals?

Becasue these shades create a subtle darkening effect that is perfect when watching a movie or sleeping. These room Darkening Shades are considered to be safer for the home when compared to other blackout shades. This is due to ambient light that is able to enter the room via the small openings on either side of the blind or shade. The small quantity of light that is able to enter allows one to navigate safely around a dark room.

Q. Why Sheer Horizontal over other shades?
Vanes can be rotated like blinds as sunlight shifts. Great for hard-to-reach windows with the motorized remote control. Comes with no additional cost, 3.5” Cassette deluxe headrail. Desired for the high end look. Come in large 4 icnh louvers. Come with free continuous cord loops which remain the same height regardless of the position of the shade, child safe.